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From 22 June to 31 August 2020 we run a slightly reduced summer schedule, All our classes are taught at the shala AND broadcast live through Zoom simultaneously (except the outdoors pop-up class). To access the online classes you need a valid l online membership – you can read more about this here . Monthly/seasonal cards as well as our special summer card give access to classes both in the shala and online. All cards and prices are available here. To take part in the special summer courses you need to sign up and pay separately. All courses/events are found on our events page. Please remember that we don’t teach on new/full moon  – check all temporary schedule changes here on our news page.

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Newsletter August 2016

imageThis newsletter was sent straight from Mysore, India, where I (Isabella) have the privilege to participate in a special training course led by R Sharath Jois for only KPJAYI authorized teachers. The course is very demanding, but also very rewarding and I hope to share my experiences with you upon my return in September.

THE SUMMER SCHEDULE – continues throughout August and ends on 1/9. I want to thank Karolina Zakrzewska for her valuable teaching in July and August. Miho continues to cover all classes for the remainder of August. Below you can read about all that happens at the shala this autumn.

THE AUTUMN SCHEDULE – kicks off on the 4/9. You can download your own version here autumn schedule 2016 or consult the schedule page. New this semester is that the Friday guided primary series will instead take place only once every four weeks; on the first Sunday of the month. The Sunday’s we have guided class Mysore is cancelled. The first guided primary series will be on the 4/9 at 9:30. The aim of this class is to remind of the number of breaths, tempo and vinyasa in all positions. It’s easy to cheat or forget this when you are just practicing Mysore style. All are welcome to join but please come on time! If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

NEW FOUNDATION COURSES – start in Malmö and Lund on the 4th and 5th September respectively. If you know anyone who is curious about yoga please share this information with them. More about the courses here

YOGA VACATION – the first week of October we travel to Majorca for a week’s yoga retreat. Extend the summer and take the opportunity to immerse yourself in your yoga practice. Book now while there are still places left! All levels of practitioners are welcome. More info here:

COTTON RUGS & BOOKS FROM MYSORE – are available to order from me until 12/8. Cotton rugs will help you not to slip when you sweat and can facilitate learning to jump through in seated postures. Order your own original rug from Mysore! You can also order Sharath’s book Ashtanga Yoga Anusthana which is only available here in Mysore. It provides detailed information about the number of breaths and movements in primary series. Email us to put in your order!

This is some of what happens in the autumn. The next newsletter will contain more information about planned workshops in Malmö/Lund and at other locations in Sweden, as well as lectures and charity events that are in the loop. For example, here in Mysore I work with Lisa from Yogashala Stockholm to help a small organization that tries to make life better for casteless girls in the Mysore region. More about this organization and how we plan to help when I’m back in Sweden. Then, I will also share with you the experiences I had during the two-month-long course here in Mysore. Until then you can follow my stay and see pictures from Mysore on our Facebook page.

I wish you all a nice summer! See you in September!
Om shanti

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