COURSE IN YOGA PHILOSOPHY – introduction to the Patanjali Yoga Sutra

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COURSE IN YOGA PHILOSOPHY – introduction to the Patanjali Yoga Sutra

This course aims to give the individual yoga practitioner an in-depth understanding of yoga as a daily practice and philosophy of life. It gives participants an introduction to one of the fundamental texts in Ashtanga yoga: the Patanjali Yoga Sutra. The purpose of the course is to provide a greater understanding of yoga as a holistic practice that can be practiced beyond the yoga mat.

Over 8 sessions in the autumn of 2021 (starting on 9 Septemer), participants are given the chance to improve their knowledge of basic yoga philosophy. With special focus on chapters 1 + 2 of the Yoga Sutra, we go through each verse/sutra, discuss its meaning and each Sutra is linked to and can be understood/applied in our everyday lives. We also learn to chant every sutra in Sanskrit as this was the traditional way of learning in ancient times. This way, participants get an insight into how chanting can also be used as a tool for increased concentration, focus and inner well-being.

The course is open to all levels of yoga practitioners but we have a limited number of places. Each session will take place live in the shala and will be broadcast (and recorded) via Zoom. The course is run in partnership with Medborgarskolan and all registrations are done via their website (click the link). Existing season card (1,3,5 months) holders at Ashtanga Yoga Malmö receive a 20% discount on this course (not possible to combine with other discounts)

For any questions and for Zoom-participation please contact the teacher Isabella Nitschke here.


It’s been a while since our last newsletter was published, but we can happily inform you that the shala doors are still open. However, the stricter Corona regulations and the pandemic law that was introduced on 10/1 forced us to make some changes and to postpone a few courses and workshops. The regular Mysore classes and foundation courses run as usual according to schedule. We adapt the number of practitioners in the shala and are able to use the adjacent dance studio if it gets crowded. We also continue to offer online participation via Zoom (not available for the foundation course) for those with monthly, “klipp” or special online cards. If you’d like to know more about yoga online, please contact us.

EASTER OPENING HOURS – please note that we have special opening hours during the Easter weekend (this and all other temporary schedule changes for April / May can be found here):

2/4 Good Friday Mysore 9-11.30

4/4 Easter Day Guided Primary 9-10.30 followed by tea & talk

5/4 Easter Monday Mysore 9-11.30

On Easter Monday at 11.30-12.30, Isabella also teaches a pop-up Chanting workshop We learn to pronounce in Sanskrit and chant some basic mantras. If you are interested, please email us.

NEW COURSES starting in April 2021:

ASHTANGA FOUNDATION COURSE (beginners) – starts on Monday 12/4. The course runs for 8 weeks and participants are offered one free Mysore class a week in adidtion to the weekly course sessions. Feel free to tell your friends. read more here

YIN YOGA & MEDITATION with Miho continues on Tuesday evenings with a new course starting on 13/4. Read more here for additional info and registration. (the course is also held online). You can participate with a monthly / seasonal / klipp card. Pre-registration is mandatory for everyone.

ASHTANGA FOUNDATION LEVEL2 – this course/guided class with Sara resumes on 15/4 and runs on Thursday evenings. It’s suitable if you’ve done a foundation course and want more group-guidance or if you’ve had a break from practice and want to refresh you’re ”ashtanga memory”. The course is also open as a “led class” (1/2 Primary) for those who already have a monthly / seasonal / klipp card with us. Everyone is asked to register in advance so that we can keep track of the number of participants. Read more here

SUMMER-SEASON 2021, is approaching and we hope to arrange more of the fun events that summers usually involve. Depending on whether the Corona restrictions are eased or not, we can move on with plans to receive guest teachers Matt Ryan and Tim Feldmann. We are also planning a yoga weekend in Mölle, at Yoga by the Sea. We advise you to keep an eye on our website and social media for updates on this. An activity already planned and scheduled is:

YOGA RETREAT ON THE ISLAND OF KADERMO, FINLAND, 1-8 August;  This will be the third year that Isabella is invited to teach at Kadermo Conscious Living in the Finnish archipelago outside Hanko. Last year we had to cancel due to Corona but this summer we can finally return to the tranquility and beautiful nature of Kadermo. A week of yoga, vegetarian food and swimming in the sea with Finnish sauna after – the best way to recharge your batteries and immerse yourself in your yoga practice. Learn more about the retreat here

That’s all for now, but before we sum up we’d like to flag for this year’s YOGA STOPS TRAFFICK class which is part of a worldwide event in the fight against human trafficking. This year we arrange the event on the full moon on Sunday 28/3 (no Mysore then). Read more about the event below or click here.

Thank you once again for your support and cooperation with regard to following the restrictions we’ve had to implement over the past year. It feels important remain open in order to further good physical and mental health for our practitioners. Hopefully we can soon organize more workshops and events as well as social gatherings and fun stuff off the yoga mat. We have plans for both a party/brunch and kirtan outdoors in the spring/summer. And we look forward to seeing old faces again (and new of course) who have not been able to get to the shala in the past year.

Stay updated in between the newsletters by following our pages on social media. And if you are not a member of our closed Facebook group, we recommend that you apply to it to get access to daily updates.

Take care, stay healthy and keep a safe distance on and off the yoga mat. See you at the shala or online!

Isabella and crew


Dear yoga friends,

2020 unfortunately didn’t turn out to be the glorious year we’d hoped for; instead it presented us with many challenges and hard times. In order to maintain some sense of normalcy, we decided early on in the pandemic to keep our shala open as a place of peace, recovery and sanity for all our members who needed/wanted to continue to come to class. Keeping our doors open has been a balancing act in safeguarding everyone’s continued mental and physical health and at the same time preventing further spread of Covid-19. It’s only thanks to good teamwork and that you’ve all carefully complied with our precautionary measures, that we’ve managed it so far.

With this newsletter, we want to thank you all for your cooperation,  commitment and support. Together we made it through 2020 and now we approach 2021 with fresh hope and optimism. We’d love to keep seeing you on the yoga mat, either live at the shala or via the screen in our virtual Mysore room.  Below you find information about how we kick out 2020 and welcome 2021 at the shala. The newsletter contains our opening hours and special classes/workshops during the Christmas and New Year holidays as well as a taste of what awaits in January and the spring of 2021.


From 24/12 to 3/1, a Christmas & New Year schedule applies with regular Mysore classes and some special workshops. Several of the classes are also available online. Unfortunately, Corona forced us to postpone Matt Ryan’s guest workshop until June 2021, but instead we have added some extra events for everyone who stays at home during the holidays. An overview of the schedule is available here.

27/12: WORKSHOP “BREATH & BANDHA“, 12-14:00 – learn how the breath and body locks can affect your yoga practice (and life in general). Read more and sign up here

28/12: BEGINNERS INTRO class, at 17:15. Isabella gives a quick overview of the Ashtanga yoga basic principles, breathing technique and sun salutations. Following the session, participants have the opportunity to attend any number of Mysore classes for two weeks at no extra cost. A perfect Christmas present for a friend or someone you love. Read more and register here (NOTE! Another introductory class takes place on 10/1-2021)

30/12: 108 SUN SALUTATIONS – charity class, at 17.15 (also online). We end the year in the spirit of giving and traditionally do 108 sun salutations in support of V-Care in Mysore, India. This small charity, which we support  since many years, primarily helps children and young people from the most vulnerable groups in India to get an education and the opportunity to have a better future. Our contribution is even more important in times of lockdown, closed schools and difficulties in earning a living for the poorest in India. Read more about the event and how you can contribute here

– 31/12 NEW YEAR’S YOGA – last class of the year (!). At 9-10:30 Isabella leads a guided Primary series class. Come and end the year of 2020 in the best way and let us together  bring a positive energy into 2021. The class is also broadcast online.

THE SPRING SCHEDULE starts on 4/1-2021 with regular morning Mysore classes. Our evening courses start in week 3 + 4. As a result of Covid-19, we are extending our online teaching for as long as necessary. All Mysore classes are broadcast live via Zoom and several of our extra courses also offer the opportunity for online participation. To participate, a monthly/season card or an online membership is required. In 2021, we also open up for customers with old “klippkort” to use these for online practice (only previously purchased cards). Contact us for more information.

NEW COURSES starting in January 2021:

– PRANAYAMA & CHANTING: Isabella’s pranayama course from last summer returns with an addition of chanting. The course is held on Fridays once a month (also online). Read more here

 YOGA PHILOSOPHY immersion:  a 2part course taught by Isabella and Miho (also online). Participants will get an insight into yoga as a lifestyle and how the postures on the yoga mat can be linked to everyday life. The course combines yoga philosophy in theory and practice. Read more here

YIN YOGA & MEDITATION with Miho continues on Tuesday evenings starting on 19/1. Read more here for info and registration (the course is also held online).

ASHTANGA intro class 11/1 & FOUNDATION COURSE 25/1– for newcomers to Ashtanga. Please share with your friends. Read more about all our foundation courses / intro classes here

– ASHTANGA FOUNDATION LEVEL 2 – with Sara resumes on 21/1 on Thursday evenings. The class/course is suitable for those who have taken a beginner’s course and want to continue the guided class format or those who have had a break from practice and want to refresh their Ashtanga memory. Read more and sign up here

That’s all for now; thank you once again for your participation and commitment during the past year. Our yoga community is very valuable to us and we hope that soon again we’ll be able to organize social gatherings and events where we can meet off the yoga mat. We hope for example to hold our annual Christmas potluck brunch in spring time instead. Take care of yourselves, stay healthy and have a lovely holiday season no matter how you celebrate it this year. If you feel lonely, the shala is open most days and you can come find company there even if we keep distance between the yoga mats.

Please stay updated between newsletters by following our pages on social media and if you’re not yet a member of our private Facebook group, we recommend that you apply to get access.

Warm seasonal greetings

Isabella and crew

P.S Until otherwise announced, we follow both the Public Health Authority’s restrictions as well as our internal rules at the shala (read them here before you come to class).


The autumn schedule continues as planned until 22 December. From 23 December until 7 January we pause for Christmas and New Year. Classes resume on Monday 8 January 2018 with a special winter schedule (more information later).


On 28 November  Isabella travels to Mysore, India to study at the KPJAYI under R. Sharath Jois. In Isabella’s absence Miho, Anna, Sara and Sofia cover classes. Unless otherwise announced they teach the following in December:

Miho – all morning classes including Sundays

Sara – Tuesday evenings in Malmö

Sofia – Wednesday evenings in i Lund

Anna – Thursday evenings in i Malmö


NB! While Isabella is in Mysore there’s no chanting on Sundays. Mysore class will start earlier at 9.00 am until 11.15 am.


In November the full/new moons fall on Saturdays and don’t affect the teaching.  In December moon-days fall on Sunday 3/12 and Monday 18/12. Mysore classes are cancelled on those days.


A guided HALF primary (until Navasana) is taught on Thursday 16/11 at 17.00 in Malmö. No Mysore class then, please be on time.

A guided FULL primary is taught on Sunday 26/11 at 9.30 am in Malmö. No Mysore class then, please be on time.

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