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IN-DEPTH COURSE – an immersion into Ashtanga Yoga, spring 2021

January 10, 2021
- 14:45

Cost: 7500SEK

This course aims to give the individual practitioner an in-depth understanding of Ashtanga Yoga as a daily practice and philosophy of life. In various modules, the participants have the opportunity to deepen their practice on the physical, mental and philosophical level. The course consists of 4 modules with a total of 14 teaching sessions during the spring of 2021. Teachers on the various modules are Isabella Nitschke, Sara Björs and Miho Hellén-Halme.


The course takes a deep dive into the Ashtanga Yoga Primary series where participants get to explore the purpose, function and connection of the postures. We do this by examining the mechanisms of each asana, how these can be applied to one’s own body and through helping and adjusting others. By adjusting others, we can often gain additional insight into and understanding of the asanas and our own practice, even if we do not learn for the purpose of teaching. (Teacher: Isabella Nitschke)

MODULE 2, YOGA ANATOMY – 4 sessions

In parallel with the asana technique and adjustment course, we teach a module in yoga anatomy. Participants will learn how an understanding of functional anatomy can be helpful in their own yoga practice and when teaching others. (Teacher: Sara Björs)


Here the participants are given an introduction to the Patanjali Yoga Sutras and few other important yoga philosophy scriptures. The aim of the module is to give the practitioners an experience of yoga as a holistic practice that is more than just postures on the yoga mat. (Teacher: Isabella Nitschke)

MODULE 4, MEDITATION – 2 sessions (in connection with module 3)

The module is an initiation to seated meditation as part of the holistic system of Ashtanga yoga. The participants get a chance to look at their yoga practice from a different perspective and deepen their practice on a mental level. (Teacher: Miho Hellén-Halme)

Tentative dates:

Module 1: 10/1, 24/1, 14/3, 11/4, 25/4, 9/5, 6/6,

Module 2: 28/2, 28 / 3,18 / 4, 23/5

Module 3 + 4: 7/2, 2/5

Examination /end of term: 13/6

Time: 12-14.45

Price:  7500 SEK (incl. VAT)

Please note that the course is not a “quick fix” or a shortcut to learning the first series of Ashtanga Yoga. The course is NOT for beginners and is only open to those who have regular yoga practice AND who practice at least half of the Primary series (Navasana).

The course consists of 14 sessions between January-June (Sundays) 2021 plus an “examination class” at the end of the course. Each class is about 2.5 hours long with a break. The course is given only in its entirety, not as individual modules.

The course is only open to a limited number of participants. To apply, send an email to info[at]ashtangayogamalmo.se with a short motivation letter where you explain why you want to participate in the course. Deadline for applications is 14 December 2020.


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