The following advice and shala rules is for everyone’s comfort during practice:

– PLEASE turn off your mobile phones in the shala

– Bathe or shower before practice (or wash your feet and arm pits if you can’t shower)

– Do not wear any heavy perfume (your fellow practitioners may be allergic and strong smells are also distracting)

– Practice on an empty stomach (preferably in the morning) and leave 2-3 hours between practice and any meal. If you need some energy have a fruit or a cup of coffee.

– Keep your mat clean and wash your towel and practice clothes

– If you practice regularly please bring your own mat for hygiene reasons. Beginners may borrow mats to start with.

– Bring a small towel to wipe your sweat off and a mat towel/cotton rug in addition to your yoga mat

– Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in (men please bring a t-shirt if you practice topless)

– Be considerate to fellow practitioners and give space for everyone to lay out their mat

– Do not drink during practice and leave any bottles or personal items in the shelves dedicated for this

– Ladies are advised to take 3 days holiday from yoga practice at the beginning of menstruation and not practice inversions while still bleeding. Ask your teacher if you are unsure.

– If you have a regular practice it is recommended to take one day a week off (usually Saturday or Sunday) AND rest on Moon days (full and new moon)

– Don’t practice if you’re sick – fever, sore throat etc

– Mention any injuries or illness to your teacher and inform your teacher if you become pregnant

Please don’t hesitate to ask your teacher for help during class and email us if you have further questions