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EXTENDED SCHEDULE & more guided classes

This spring we extend our morning opening hours to give late workers or late sleepers a chance to practice too. As from 15th January our existing students may come for (unassisted) self-practice from 8.45-10.30. It is of course also possible to come and start  practicing during the Mysore class and finish during the hours of self-practice.  Self-practice means that you do your asana practice but that there is no-one to assist or guide you.  Please note that the teacher stops teaching at 8.45 and after this there will be no adjustments. Please also respect that you have to be showered and finished by the latest at 10.30 as there are classes after or the cleaner needs access to the room (N.B. self-practice is only available when Isabella is teaching).  Click here to see the full spring schedule

In 2020 we also add more guided classes to the schedule. We’ll do full guided Primary Series class twice a month; once on Fridays and once on Sundays. Take note of all the dates so that you’re not late for class (see picture below or the schedule page – link above). On Fridays you may come already at 6am to meditate or do breathing practice before class; on Sundays we have Tea&Talk after class.

On Tuesday evenings Miho teaches a weekly guided half Primary series at 17.15-18.45. This class suits anyone who wants more guidance of half the series until Navasana. It’s perfect if you’ve just completed a beginners course and/or if you want a better understanding of the correct vinyasa.

FRIDAY-FUN special class: “Back bend basics”

Friday-fun is our alternative monthly after work special class. We gather to explore asana, play and have fun in a different format than Ashtanga yoga Mysore style. Each month the class has a different theme and this time we explore how to back bend.

Bending back really means to stretch both the front and the back of your body. In daily life we sit a lot, drop the shoulders, and bend forward rounding our backs. The front of the body is compressed which limits our ability to breathe properly. Our core muscles weaken and our spine is adversely affected – which results in poor posture, back pain and difficult deep breathing.

In the primary and especially the intermediate series of Ashtanga Yoga, the practitioner is introduced to several back bends that “open” (soften and strengthen) both the shoulders, the chest and hip-flexor muscles. Regular practice of these two series makes our body more balanced. The muscles of the torso and legs are strengthened and stretched and we create better support for a healthy spine and gets easier to breathe.

This class gives you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the mechanisms involved in back bending and teaches you techniques to help soften and strengthen the body in order to safely backbend. In a playful manner, we explore a number of back bending asanas in this efficiently choreographed vinyasa style class. We go through basic techniques for positions from Urdhva Dhanurasana (wheel) to more advanced backbends from the Intermediate (and maybe advanced) series of Ashtanga yoga.

The class is open to all levels but is NOT suitable for complete beginners. Participants are asked to come with an open and playful mind!

The class is taught by Isabella Nitschke, authorised Ashtanga Yoga teacher (II) by Sharath Jois in Mysore. Places are limited so please pre-register via our partner Medborgarskolan (click to register)

Ashtanga Yoga Foundation (beginners) course in Malmö

Beginner’s/Foundation courses cover the basics of Ashtanga yoga and are suitable for complete beginners as well as those who practice other types of yoga but would like to learn Ashtanga thoroughly from scratch.

The course begins with a short introduction to yoga philosophy followed by a gradual learning of the Sun Salutations, the standing asanas (postures) and part of the Ashtanga yoga primary series as well as finishing postures. Focus is particularly put on linking breath and movement in the so called vinyasa krama system. We also cover Bandhas (energy locks in the body) and Drishti (focus). You will also learn how to practice and move safely to avoid injury and to build both strength and flexibility.

The course runs for 6 weeks and starts on Monday 11 November 2019  at 17.15. All participants are encouraged to attend Mysore classes in parallel to the course.  One FREE Mysore class per week is included in the course price. Read more about Mysore classes under class descriptions.

The course is taught by Sara Björs, authorized level 1 by Sharath Jois  in Mysore, India.

The course is run in cooperation with K-Yoga/Medborgarskolan. Pre-registration for the course is required and is done via K-Yoga/Medborgarskolan (click the link to register). Please note that we have an age limit of 16 and people younger than 18 need parental approval.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send us an email

FRIDAY-FUN special class: “Twists & Core”

Friday-fun is our alternative monthly after work special class. We gather to explore asana, play and have fun in a different format than Ashtanga yoga Mysore style. Each month the class has a different theme and this time we’ll explore mobility and strength of the spine and core.

A strong yet flexible core is key in many yoga postures but also important for a healthy posture and to proper breathing. Through regular practice of the Primary and Intermediate series of Ashtanga yoga you learn to gradually strengthen the deeper layers of your core muscles and at the same time increase the ability of the body to twist. Twisting postures are important for the maintenance of a healthy spine as well as the stimulation of internal organs for proper digestion.

In this class we’ll focus on techniques to increase both strength and flexibility of the core. In a specially choreographed (and fun!) vinyasa style class, we play with and explore a range of asanas from basic to more advanced level. We’ll explore the dynamics of twisting and how to do everything from basic to more intermediate twists in a healthy and safe manner.

The class is taught by Isabella Nitschke, authorised Ashtanga Yoga teacher (level II) by Sharath Jois in Mysore. The class is open to all levels of yoga practitioners but NOT suitable for complete beginners.

Places are limited so please pre-register through our partner Medborgarskolan (click to register)

WHY, WHEN AND HOW to adjust yoga asana – an immersion

THIS COURSE IS FULLY BOOKED – contact us if you wish to be on the reserve-list. We plan to hold another one in 2020. Sign up to our newsletter to stay updated on future course dates!

This is a course that aims to deepen the individual practitioner’s understanding of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary series through in depth study of the function of the separate postures as well as their connection to each other. We do this by exploring the mechanism of each posture; learn how to do them ourselves, look at alignment for safe and sustainable practice as well as how to adjust/help others. Through helping/adjusting others we can often acquire a much better understanding of the asana even if we don’t learn it with the aim of teaching.

Please note that the course is not a quick fix or a shortcut to learn the Primary series of Ashtanga Yoga. The course is NOT for beginners and is only open to those who have a regular practice and who have finished the Primary series of Ashtanga Yoga (NOTE: in some cases exceptions can be made due to your personal circumstances but you need to motivate this). Candidates need to be able to attend all sessions and motivate why you would like to attend this course.

Dates: 1/9, 15/9, 29/9, 6/10, 20/10 (plus 1 examination session)

Time: 12-14.30 in Malmö

Price: 3000SEK (incl VAT) (covers Level 1 containing 6 sessions)

The course consists of 5 sessions in September/October 2019 (every second Sunday) plus an “examination session” towards the end of the year. Each session is 2,5 hrs long. It will cover half primary series including Sun Salutations, the standing sequence, seated postures until Navasana, backbends and finishing postures (inversions). It is the first course in a series that will in total cover the full Primary series and part of intermediate series. The following two levels will be held in 2020.

In addition to learning to adjust hands on, the course also requires participants to observe a number of Mysore classes and learn the vinyasa count for a half led primary class (level 2+3 require counting the full Primary). It will also include some homework in term of reading. The teacher is Isabella Nitschke – read more about her and check her CV here

The course is open to a limited number of participants. To apply you send an email to with a short motivation letter where you explain why you want to attend this course. Deadline for applications is 28 June 2019.

FRIDAY-FUN special class: “Happy hips”

Friday-fun is our alternative monthly after work special class. We gather to explore asana, play and have fun in a different format than Ashtanga yoga Mysore style. Each month the class has a different theme. First our this autumn is focus on the hip and pelvic region.

Lotus Posture, legs behind the head and other asanas (postures) in the primary and intermediate series of Ashtanga Yoga require relatively mobile hips. Today’s lifestyle with plenty of sitting on chairs or activities such as running/cycling often leads to stiffness in the hip-region/pelvis, legs and lower back. Additionally,  negative stress and emotions also have an impact on muscles in the hip area. Regular practice of the Ashtanga yoga primary and intermediate series over time helps free such tension stored in the hips and legs.

This class gives you the opportunity to further your understanding of the hip-region in order to understand and deepen your regular yoga practice. You will be taught techniques to safely soften and strengthen the muscles in the pelvis, legs and lower part of the torso. Through a specially choreographed (and fun!) vinyasa style class, we play with and explore a range of asanas from basic to more advanced level.  You will learn techniques of how to move towards lotus posture (Padmasana), how to approach putting your feet behind your head (Eka Pada Sirsasana) and more. The class is open to all levels but  is not suitable for complete beginners. Participants are asked to come with an open and playful mind!

The class is taught by Isabella Nitschke, authorised Ashtanga Yoga teacher (II) by Sharath Jois in Mysore.

Places are limited so please pre-register through our partner Medborgarskolan (click to register)

2 MASTER CLASSES with Nadia & Gabriel Stinga Rihani on 1 and 2 June 2019


In our yoga asana practice (as in life) we are constantly trying to find a balance between soft and strong. This workshop is about fine tuning the techniques of transitioning in and out of asanas and learning how to draw our energy towards the centre of the body (Bandha) to create supported opening in the body. When we draw inwards, we can extend outwards in a supported way that ensures we don’t overstretch and that we are balancing our flexibility with our strength.

Don’t miss these Master classes with Gabriel (Swedish) and his wife Nadia (Australian)!!

300kr for one session or 500kr for both. Please email us to book your spot.


Saturday 1 JUNE  15-17:00 – Bandhas, Breath & Creating Space – with Nadia Stinga Rihani

Learning to contract and relax certain muscles whilst deepening in to a pose allows the hips to open in a sustained way in which we can support the opening with the strength required to hold the newly created depth. So we teach the body to find depth, and then to find the strength to hold it there.

When we find stability from the core of the body we create space for lightness in the upper body, allowing us to relax the back muscles and chest, which allows energy to flow up and down the spine. Creating more energy & fluidity!

Join Nadia for this masterclass that will teach you how to engage and relax certain muscles, whilst utilising the breath to find and support your body’s capabilities!

Sunday 2 JUNE  15-17:00 – Bandhas, Breath & TRANSITIONS – with Gabriel Stinga Rihani

Explore different ways of using our Bandhas (energetic locks) and core to gradually progress from stepping to jumping and finally effortlessly floating through our asana practice without creating muscle fatigue.

We will look at ways of using our Bandhas to preserve energy and to make it easier to lift and find lightness in the body.

We will cover and break down the techniques for the most common transition such as jump backs and jump throughs and Sun Salutations.


Nadia Stinga Rihani is honoured to be a Level 2 Authorised Ashtanga teacher, and was given her blessing to teach this method by Sharath Jois in 2014 after practicing yoga since 1999 and the Ashtanga method for ten years. Yoga has had a profound impact of Nadia’s life and has carried her through the extreme highs and lows over the years, providing a sense of stability and grounding, including through pregnancy the the birth of her and Gabriel’s daughter, Indhira. Now practicing Advanced A from the Ashtanga Series, Nadia shares her experience in the traditional Mysore Style classes as taught to her through her teacher, Sharath Jois.

Nadia first found the yoga mat whilst studying at university and really felt changed by the practice when she began daily practice in her first job after completing her studies.  After living in the USA, Italy and Portugal Nadia returned home and discovered the Ashtanga method which she found life changing. She completed her teacher training and apprenticeship in 2009 and after many years of study Nadia left her corporate career to focus on teaching. In 2011 founded Yoga Village with the intention of creating an authentic and traditional space in which students could practice and teachers could facilitate their learnings.

Since 2010 Nadia has travelled to India each year for intensive self study and practice, from which she sources inspiration for her teaching and life. Nadia is extremely grateful to be walking on this path and to be able to share the joy and pain of a sincere yoga practice with her students.

Gabriel Stinga Rihani began practicing yoga in its various forms in 2003 and in 2008 he began a dedicated Ashtanga Yoga practice. He has a background in Buddhist meditation that together with Ashtanga yoga, forms part of his sadhana. Since his first trip to India in 2007, Gabriel has spent a large portion of time in India learning directly from his teachers. In 2009 Gabriel began studying under the guidance of Sharath Jois at KPJAYI in Mysore and after four extended study trips he has been authorised to teach the traditional method. Gabriel also spent extended periods of study over several years learning from certified teachers Rolf Naujokat and Louise Ellis. He was first introduced to the art of adjusting by Anand Zorzo when assisting him in his native Las Palmas, Spain and later assisting under guidance of Natalia Paisano in Stockholm, Sweden.
Teaching Ashtanga Yoga has previously taken Gabriel to Sweden, Portugal, Spain, France and Germany. He is now teaching the Mysore program at Yoga Village together with his wife Nadia


Although it’s hard to believe when looking out the window summer is just around the corner. Our yoga practice continues irrespective of the weather and we are open as usual all through May and June until the 7/7. We take a short summer break from 8/7 to 23/7 but reopen on the 24/7. If you have/or buy a new card that runs over the three weeks we are closed it will automatically be extended with the corresponding time. Before the summer break we have several fun events to look forward to and some temporary schedule changes that you can read about below.

SCHEDULE CHANGES – Ascension this year coincides with a “moon-day” and therefore the school is closed on 25+26/5. Isabella travels to NYC to attend a workshop with R. Sharath Jois and a conference on “Yoga and Science”. In her absence, Miho and Anna cover all classes (24/5 until 1/6).

On the National Day 6/6 and on Midsummer Eve 23/6, the morning Mysore in Lund is held at 8.30-10.30am. Stay up to date on all temporary schedule changes by liking our Facebook page or regularly check the Blog/News page on our website. Our regular schedule is available here

GUIDED CLASS – takes place on the first Sunday of each month. Upcoming dates before the summer break are 4/6 and 2/7 (the Mysore class is cancelled those days). Class starts at 9:30am and you are guided through the Primary series in traditional Sanskrit. Everyone is welcome regardless if you’ve completed the first series or not BUT please arrive on time! After class, you are invited to a cup of tea and discussion about a yoga-related theme. At the next session on 4/6 Isabella shares what came up during the Yoga and Science conference in NYC.

FRIDAY-FUN – this seasons’ last workshop takes place on Friday 19/5 at 5-7pm in Malmö. The theme is “Core & Twists”. More info here. If you’ve missed any of the previous workshops or would like to get more into asana technique, join Isabella in Copenhagen where she continues to teach vinyasa workshops this summer/autumn. On Saturday 10/6 at 10am-12pm, the first workshop “Happy hips”, takes place at Astanga Yoga Copenhagen. Read more and register via their website

SUMMER YOGA RETREAT 8-12 July – During the summer break – the second week of July – Isabella teaches a 5-day Ashtanga yoga retreat at Uddebo Art & Trummelurhouse. After last summer’s successful weekend, we return to the same venue for a longer stay. Take the opportunity to deepen your yoga practice, enjoy good food and company! All places that include accommodation are already booked but you can still participate if you arrange your own accommodation in the village (or camp). It’ also possible to attend single days. Contact us if you are interested. More info here.

The next newsletter will be sent just before the summer break with info about the autumn schedule, new beginner’s courses, workshops and other events! In the meantime, don’t forget to sign up for R Sharath Jois’ workshop in Copenhagen the first week of August or in Stockholm the  week after. Take the chance to experience a little “Mysore-Magic” at home! Read more here!

That’s all for now! See you on the yoga mat!
Om Shanti!

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