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While Isabella is in India 22 October to 22 November, Sara Björs, Sofia Westbom and Hanna Mjöberg from Falkenberg, cover all classes. You can see the full and detailed schedule below (or download it here). Scroll down the page for a short presentation of Hanna. Sara and Sofia you can read more about on our teacher’s page


Hanna is an authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher from Falkenberg where she runs a small shala with her sister. She came to yoga in 2008 via Muay thai (Thai boxing) which she trained and competed in professionally at the time. In 2009, she went to Mysore for the first time and has returned annually since then. For the past five years she has practiced with Sharath Jois in Mysore and in 2018 he gave her the blessing to teach the first and second series of Ashtanga yoga. Hanna has also assisted Petri Räisanen and his wife Wambui in Thailand, India and Sweden and has also taught at one of Petri’s shalas in Helsinki.


From1-14 July, we are pleased to welcome Karolina Zakrzewska as a guest teacher. On two previous occasions, Karolina has covered classes at our shala and we look forward to seeing and learning from her this summer as well.

You can read more about Karolina and see nice pictures on her website

Throughout July 2019, we run a special summer schedule that you can  download here SUMMER SCHEDULE 2019  or you may also consult our schedule page. There will be daily morning Mysore class from  Sunday-Friday. In July, all evening classes are cancelled and we make use of the extra light and the early mornings instead.

After 14/7 we have two weeks of self-practice three days a week. From the 17th to 22nd July Sharath R. Jois visits Copenhagen for a week-long workshop. We encourage all our students to come and experience a bit of Mysore on home ground. Read more and register here .

Our autumn schedule resumes on 4/8 with full teaching (morning and evening).


From 11-31 October Isabella will be in India participating in a Yatra (pilgrimage) in the Himalayas together with R. Sharath Jois and Eddie Stern (read more about the trip here) . In her absence the regular schedule will continue as usual with four cover teachers: Miho, Sara, Sofia and Ebba. You’ve probably already met them at the shala, but if you want to know some more you can read their presentations here. Below you find a detailed schedule of who is teaching and when while Isabella is away.


Autumn is coming to an end and we are rapidly approaching December and the festive season. The current schedule runs until 22/12 after which we pause for two weeks over Christmas & New Year. Classes resume on 8/1-2018. The New Year brings a lot of change for us with relocation to new studios in both Malmö and Lund. Read more about this and all the fun that happens before the end of the year in this newsletter.

SCHEDULE CHANGES; in December and January, Miho, Anna, Sara and Sofia cover classes while Isabella is in Mysore, India, studying at the KPJAYI. Exactly who teaches when, as well as other temporary schedule changes, is available here on our news page. Note that there is no chanting on Sundays in Isabella’s absence. Instead the Mysore class starts at 9.00am. A detailed winter schedule for January will be posted on the website before the holiday break. The spring schedule starts when Isabella returns in February.

PRACTICE CARDS; If you already have or buy a practice card (only periodic cards) that runs over the Christmas/New Year’ break, we’ll automatically extend the card by 2 weeks.

MOON-DAYS; please remember that we don’t teach at full/new moon. In November, all “moon-days” fall on Saturdays and do not affect the teaching, but please keep up to date by noting upcoming dates in your calendar. Future dates are available here

GUIDED CLASS of HALF primary series (until Navasana) is taught on Thursday, 16/11 at 17:00 in Malmö. The Mysore class is cancelled then. Participants of the current beginner’s courses who would like to practice that day may do so at 16.15-17.00.

GUIDED CLASS FULL primary and POT LUCK/PARTY takes place on Sunday, 26/11 in Malmö! Isabella teaches the last guided class of the year which starts at 09.30am (no Mysore class that day). The class is suitable to all levels (except beginners), regardless of whether you’ve completed the series or not. Please be on time though – no entry once the class has started! After class, everyone is invited to our annual vegan pot luck brunch. You may attend only the brunch should you not make it to class. Please bring a vegan contribution to the buffet (we follow the yogic principle ahimsa/non-violence). Family/friends are also very welcome but everyone is asked to sign up in advance. Let us know whether you’ll attend the guided class and/or brunch. More info about the event can be found here

WORKSHOPS; this year’s last “Friday fun” will be held in Malmö on 17/11 at 17-19 with theme back bending. We’ll explore different techniques on how to approach everything from basic to more advanced back bends. The workshop is open to all but requires some previous yoga experience. More info and how to sign up is to be found here.

RELOCATION/CHANGE of VENUE; at the end of the year and during the month of January we are relocating studios in both Malmö and Lund. In Lund, we move to Fabriksgatan just behind the Central Station. In Malmö we move to Medborgarskolan’s studio at Värnhemstorget. Both venues have better shower and changing facilities than we have today and allow for easier transfer for those who commute. We’re hoping for a smooth relocation process that won’t affect our schedule too much. The new addresses, maps, etc. will be posted on the website in good time before the move and you’ll receive further information including the January schedule in the next newsletter which will be sent to you before the Christmas break. Please also visit our news page and check the schedule page which are updated regularly.

That’s all for now. Remember to follow us on social media such as Facebook and Instagram for the latest news and other interesting stuff.

See you on the yoga mat


The autumn schedule is up and running and it’s great to see both old and new faces on the yoga mats. I am very happy that you are so dedicated and interested in exploring the path of yoga. In time for October and November, I’d like to flag some upcoming events, a few schedule changes and a party! Continue reading to get all the details.

SCHEDULE CHANGES – in October, Miho covers on Tuesday mornings in Lund plus one or two Thursday/Friday classes. All Miho’s dates including other temporary schedule changes are found under news on our website. Remember that we don’t teach at full/new moon – the dates are listed here

GUIDED CLASS – of the FULL Primary Series takes place on Sunday 29/10 and 26/11 (Mysore-class is cancelled that day). We start at 9.30am and you are guided (in Sanskrit) through the Ashtanga yoga Primary series. The class suits everyone (except complete beginners) even if you haven’t completed the seriest. BUT, please arrive on time! After class, you’re invited to a cup of tea and a discussion on a yoga-related theme. Please also note that the guided HALF Primary on Thursday 12/10 is replaced by a regular evening-Mysore class. For all other info on our classes consult the schedule page.

NEW BEGINNERS COURSES in Ashtanga Yoga start in November in Malmö (5/11) and Lund (6/11). The courses are a bit shorter and suit anyone who wants to get a quick insight into how Ashtanga yoga works. More info is available here. Please feel free to recommend the course!

WORKSHOPS with me, Isabella, take place in Copenhagen in October (14/10, “No fear – no fun”) and in Malmö “Friday-fun” returns in November (17/11 “Backbend basics”). More info about each workshop and how to register under “Events”. The spots usually fill up fast so book early to secure your spot.

POT-LUCK PARTY – On Sunday 26/11 after the guided Primary class, I’d like to invite you all to our yearly end of season vegan pot-luck brunch. Since I leave for India to study at the KPJAYI in Mysore in December/January it would be a lovely way to say thanks for the past year. Save the date in your calendars! More information will follow!

That’s all for now. Please remember that you can also find us on social media, the latest addition Instagram (@ashtangayogamalmolund). The next newsletter will be sent to you by the end of November with information about cover teachers in my absence and yoga over Christmas & New Year.

See you on the yoga mat.

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On Sunday 7 June at 9:00 am Isabella guides a full Ashtanga Primary Series class in Sanskrit count. The Mysore class is cancelled that day.  After class we gather for tea&talk. Welcome!