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Dear yogis,

We at Ashtanga Yoga Malmö want to wish you a happy holiday season and all the best for 2020. Our doors continue to be open but the weeks from Christmas to New Year’s (Christmas Eve 24/12 through 6/1) our opening hours are slightly reduced. You find the entire Christmas and New Year’s schedule here. During these two weeks we also have some special happenings in the shala and in other places which you can read about below. Our regular classes resume on 7 January with some new additions and minor changes to the schedule. Between 7-9 January we’ll get a new floor installed in the shala and the morning Mysore classes will therefore be held in the dance studio. Due to the renovations our evening classes on 7+9th January are cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

NEW YEARS YOGA – on New Year’s Eve Isabella teaches the last class of the year, a guided Primary series at 9-10.30am. The shala re-opens  on 2nd January with Morning Mysore at 06am (Miho). Simultaneously Isabella teaches a mini-retreat in Mölle  2-5 January at the cozy Studio Yoga by the Sea. The four-day workshop provides a chance for a fresh start and immersion into Ashtanga yoga. Read more and sign up here

GUEST TEACHER – Jens Bache from Astanga Yoga Copenhagen returns to Malmö to teach a guided Primary series class on 5 January. After class, he’ll give a talk on his research on an important Ashtanga Yoga text that he discovered in the library of Mysore.  Last year Jens’ class was full so don’t miss the chance to practice with him this time and to listen to his interesting presentation. More about Jens, the class and the lecture here.

THE SPRING SCHEDULE starts on 7 January with some small changes including a few more guided classes. The Mysore class on Tuesday evenings will be replaced by a guided HALF Primary series starting at 17.15. We will also offer a guided class of FULL Primary series twice a month – once on a Friday morning 06.30-08.00 and once on a Sunday morning 9-10.30. All dates for guided class are available on the overview schedule here.

NEW BEGINNERS COURSES start on 13 January (registration  and information here). If you know someone who needs (wants) to fulfill their New Year’s resolution to start a yoga practice please don’t hesitate to recommend us!

OTHER COURSES coming up next year include a course in “Yin Yoga & meditation” with Miho (starting in March – info here); “Anatomy from a yoga perspective” with Sara (starting in January – see here) as well as a whole weekend of Yoga philosophy and Yoga Sutras with guest teacher Måns Broo from Åbo Academy in Finland on 7-8 March (more info here). All other special classes/workshops for 2020 on the events page

FRIDAY-FUN – our alternative after-work returns on two occasions in January 2020. On 10/1, Isabella teaches a special class on safe back bending technique (only a few places left – sign up here). AND on 24/1 Miho teaches a class in yin yoga & meditation (read more here). As from February we resume Friday-fun on a monthly basis.

MEMBERSHIP CARDS – lastly we need to inform you that as from 2020 we have to raise the price for our different practice cards. Our prices have been the same since the start in 2013 but now we unfortunately have to make some adjustments due to increased expenses for the shala. We ask for your understanding and cooperation. We of course remain flexible with regards to splitting your invoices into several installments and will continue to give discounts to students, pensioners and those on sick leave. A list of all new prices is available here

That’s all for now. Thank you all for the past year, for your trust, hard work and dedication. We are excited to see our yoga community grow and that more people discover the benefits of yoga in everyday life. To stay updated between newsletters follow our pages on social media and/or join our group Ashtanga Yoga Malmö (and Lund) practitioner’s group on Facebook.

See you on the yoga mat!

Isabella & crew

PARTY: annual vegan potluck brunch

After the monthly guided Ashtanga Yoga primary series class on Sunday 15th of December all of Ashtanga Yoga Malmö’s yogis are invited to join our annual pot-luck brunch. If you’re unable to attend the guided class you are of course welcome to join only the brunch afterwards.

This is a great chance for everyone to socialize and to get to know each other off the yoga mat. It is also an opportunity for us at Ashtanga Yoga Malmö to thank all yogis for the past year and wish everyone all the best for the year to come.

This event is usually highly appreciated and family members and friends are also welcome!  The more the merrier! Please let us know (message) in advance if you’re coming (and how many people) and bring a vegan (or vegetarian) contribution to the brunch. Coffee, tea and plant based milk will be available.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Welcome back to the yoga shala after the summer holidays. Autumn has arrived with the first “monsoon-like” rain and lower temperatures. Our complete schedule including all new courses and full Mysore programme is up and running and there are many new faces on the yoga mats. At the end of August we had an open house at the shala and we were very happy that so many of you invited your friends and loved ones to visit us. Let us know if you recruited someone to our courses or to the Mysore classes – you’ll get a 10% discount on your next card.

THE AUTUMN SCHEDULE is available on our schedule page. There you also find guidelines for drop-in times and “shala etiquette”. Wed be grateful if you take the time to read these through and respect them so that we get a friendly climate in the shala. Of course, your views on how we can improve are always welcome.

TEMPORARY SCHEDULE CHANGES are always published on the news page and/or our social media forums. The biggest change this fall occurs between October 22 and November 22 when Isabella is in Goa, India to teach a two-week yoga retreat at the Purple Valley Yoga Centre. Then Hanna Mjöberg from Falkenberg, authorized Ashtanga yoga teacher level 2, subs together with Sara and Sofia. The entire schedule will be posted on the news page in due time.

YOGA HOLIDAY on 26 October to 8 November with Isabella at the Purple Valley Yoga Centre in Goa, India. There’ll be two daily yoga classes in an idyllic setting, vegetarian food and both the sea and a pool close by. If you book before 30 September you get a 20% discount on the price. It’s a great opportunity to recharge your batteries ahead of the autumn darkness! All details about the retreat and how to book are found here. If you follow this link you can also read some thoughts on the benefits of going on a yoga holiday.

NEW EVENTS at the shala this autumn include the return of our monthly alternative after work class FRIDAY-FUN. The next session is on 20/9 when we explore and play with Twists & Core. The theme of the following session in October is back bending. Read more about these classes and all other upcoming workshops in 2019/20 here. In 2020 we’re excited to host both Måns Broo, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Åbo Academy for a weekend workshop in Yoga Sutra and Tim Fedmann, senoior Ashtanga Yoga teacher and founder of the Miami Life Center. Isabella is also invited to teach in Copenhagen and Mölle in December/January. Those events are arranged by other studios and aren’t available on our website – only on our FB page where Ashtanga Yoga Malmö is a co-organiser. You can see all events on FB here

GUIDED CLASS of the Primary series in Ashtanga yoga followed by TEA & TALK takes place one Sunday every month. On 29/9 Isabella teaches a full Primary series in traditional Sanskrit count. The class is open to everyone but is not suitable for beginners. After class, we gather for a cup of tea and discuss a yoga related topic. If you can’t make it to class, you may join us after for tea and socialize. If you have any questions that you would like us to address, please feel free to contact us

PICTURES AND STORIES of our members on Instagram is a project we will launch in September. We would like to show that yoga can be practiced by anyone regardless of age, background, gender etc. You, the practitioners at our shala, already come from different backgrounds and circumstances. We would like to hear and document your story and thus inspire others to find yoga. Please let us know if you’d be interested in having your picture taken (portrait or yoga picture – your decision) and answer some questions about how you found yoga and what the practice means to you.

That’s all for now –  follow us on social media Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date with ongoing happenings. And please join our closed group Ashtanga Yoga Malmö (and Lund) practitioner’s group where all practitioners at the shala can share information.

See you on the yoga mat!

SPECIAL CLASS – Guided Intermediate series class (Ashtanga yoga)

This class will guide students through the Intermediate postures of Ashtanga yoga in traditional Sanskrit count.  Students who wish to attend led intermediate class should have completed the primary series and regularly practice intermediate series up to at least Eka pada sirsasana.

The teacher is Isabella Nitschke, authorized level 2 by the KPJAYI in Mysore. Read more about Isabella here . Please consult Isabella before signing up.

The course is run in cooperation with K-Yoga/Medborgarskolan. Pre-registration for the course is required and is done via K-Yoga/Medborgarskolan’s website

For questions related to the practice please send us an email

Ashtanga yoga workshop & Yoga of Presence and Wholeness with Stefan Engström

Yoga of Presence and Wholeness – A unique approach to Bio-Mechanics

The first weekend of April 2019 we have the honour to welcome senior Ashtanga Yoga teacher Stefan Engström to our shala in Malmö. Stefan will teach a long weekend workshop (Friday to Monday) on the topic of  the “Yoga of Presence and Wholeness – a unique approach to bio-mechanics”. The full weekend workshop of 16 tuition hours will include Mysore style teaching, led classes and afternoon seminars. (Full programme available below)

You need to attend the Friday evening introduction session to take part in the other classes. Sign up before 1 March 2019 and get the early bird price of 2200SEK. Thereafter the price is 2500SEK for the full weekend. Spaces are limited and participants signing up for the full weekend are given priority.  To participate please contact us.

Below is a detailed description of the workshop and of the full program together with a short bio of Stefan.


Exploring a new way to approach your yoga practice. As humans, we are unique creatures with an In-Built Inherent Intelligence. This Inherent Intelligence is one of our most primitive parts of our brain for motor and sensory movements. It is within us all from birth and tapping in to this allows us to explore our body as a whole and not in separate parts. This in turn may potentially change the way we sit, walk and experience your yoga practice, with less tension and effort.

Despite having this Inherent Intelligence we tend not to use it to it’s full potential and thus suffer from many problems and chronic injuries. And yet, we all have within us what we need to solve our problems and transform our lives. In order to tap into this Inherent Intelligence, the first step is to become present with our body awareness, then to have a clear Intention of what we would like to happen and finally, allow our sensitive awareness to guide us. Being present is a pretty good place to start as in yoga being present is one of the most fundamental qualities we are looking for.

This workshop is all about how we can apply this Inherent Intelligence in our yoga practice. Through simple exercises we will learn to connect with this Intelligence. You will feel more whole, open, free and expanded. This state and experience I refer to as Free Central Support. We will apply this new experience of Free Central Support to our yoga practise. It can be applied when staying in asana and when moving in and out of them. What we then begin to notice is that throughout our entire practice, as we are now in tune with our sensitive awareness feed back system, it improves the quality of our practice and we feel freedom, openness, wholeness, lightness and expansion. And these are the qualities that tell us that we are functioning optimally.

We will be encouraged to refine our Intention. We will shift from being Performance driven to Experience guided. What this means is that our practice will shift. Instead of feeling effort we will feel free. Instead of compression we will feel expansion and openness. Instead of separate parts we will feel like a whole. Instead of feeling the heaviness of gravity we will feel up-thrust.  Instead of focusing on the end gain we will focus on being present. Instead of narrowing-in we will learn to expand our awareness. Finally, instead of doing, we will now allow.  Instead of focusing on form we will focus on Function.

To be able to know what is meant by Function we need to understand the Bio- Mechanics of the body and the functionality of the joints. We will learn the different functions of all the major joints of the body and how they correlate to each asana. With this new understanding we will shift from being Form driven to Function driven in our practice. “Function leads to form”.

For example, each asana has its own set of functions (e.g. flexion, external rotation). By practicing in a Function driven way, the result will look slightly different from person to person as we have different bodies and abilities.  However, practicing in this way will allow the body to open up safely and in the right places.

Now, knowing the Function of each asana we can hold that in our Intention and allow the Inherent Intelligence to take care of organizing the body in such a way that we are getting the stretch and opening we are looking for.

We will also learn about:
– Stretch and muscle adaptation. How our muscles respond to stretch and become longer.
– The three different states of the muscles – Tense, Active, Relaxed.
– The two main different existing muscle fibres; what they are and how they will respond         and change being in Free Central Support or not.


Friday 5/4

17:00 – 19:30 Sharing & Presentation

Finding Free, Central Support. 

Practical exercise where the student, with the help of bodily sensations will find a state of maximum freedom of the body. A state where there will be no tension in the body, nor will the muscles be relaxed but active. The inherent intelligence of our body will take care of all this as long as we are present with our body sensations and have a clear intention.

This first session will be the foundation for the whole workshop and can not be missed.

Saturday 6/4

08:30 – 11:00 Led standing poses followed by Mysore class

During the led part Stefan will use a language based on what was learned the evening before. This to invite the students to start to feel the Free Support in different asanas.

11:00 – 13:00 Lunch Break

13:00 – 16:30 Anatomy of Wholenes

– Staying in Free Support while reshaping.

– Stretch and Muscle adaptation.

– The three states of the muscles; tense, ACTIVE, relaxed.

– Learning the difference between Function and Form.

– Experiencing the difference between when the body is functioning as a whole and when as in parts & understanding the consequences of both.

Sunday 7/4

08:30 – 11:00 Mysore  class

The students are encouraged to apply their understanding of Anatomy of Wholeness (Free Support, Wholeness and Function & Form) in their asana class.

11:00 – 13:00 Lunch Break

13:00 – 16:30 Anatomy of Wholeness continues

We go through individual experiences and insights and try to make sense of it and broaden our understanding.

– Changing from one support to an other while staying in Free Support.

– What is the Function of each asana & coming back to the “Difference between Function and Form” after having the experience of two asana practices.

– Coming back to the “Difference between when the body is functioning as a whole and when as in parts & understanding the consequences of both. 

– The two different muscle tissues and how they work.

– Closing session of the theoretical / experiential part of the workshop. Making sense of what we have learned and experienced. 

Monday 8/4

06:30 – 08:45 Mysore class

The students are encouraged to apply their understanding of Anatomy of Wholeness (Free Support, Wholeness and Function & Form) in their asana practice.

After 08:45

Time fore individual questions and insights. (for those who do not need to rush to work..)

More about Stefan

Stefan Engström is the owner and resident teacher of the Kadermo Conscious Living Yoga Retreat. He has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 1990 and Meditation since 1985. He started his practice with Radha and Derek Ireland in Greece in 1990. Later he studied with John Scott  and Graham Northfield. Since 1993 he has made more than 17 trips to Mysore, India, and has spent extended periods of time studying with Pattabhi Jois, Sharath and Sarswathi. He is authorized by Sharath to teach the primary and intermediate series of Ashtanga Yoga.

Stefan also spent more than 10 years learning and practicing pranayama and other yoga-techniques with Mr. BNS Iyengar between the years 1995 to 2005.

For more than 25 years he has been teaching retreats and workshops on Kadermo island in Finland, at the Kadermo Conscious Living Yoga Retreat that he founded year 1994. He has also held workshops in different cities in Finland and also across Europe, South America and Egypt.

Stefan has studied Anatomy of Wholeness for more than 10 years with David Gorman, a renowned anatomist, Alexander Technique teacher and founder of LearningMethods. ( Stefan is also a certified Mentor in Psychosynthesis.


Autumn is coming to an end and we are rapidly approaching December and the festive season. The current schedule runs until 22/12 after which we pause for two weeks over Christmas & New Year. Classes resume on 8/1-2018. The New Year brings a lot of change for us with relocation to new studios in both Malmö and Lund. Read more about this and all the fun that happens before the end of the year in this newsletter.

SCHEDULE CHANGES; in December and January, Miho, Anna, Sara and Sofia cover classes while Isabella is in Mysore, India, studying at the KPJAYI. Exactly who teaches when, as well as other temporary schedule changes, is available here on our news page. Note that there is no chanting on Sundays in Isabella’s absence. Instead the Mysore class starts at 9.00am. A detailed winter schedule for January will be posted on the website before the holiday break. The spring schedule starts when Isabella returns in February.

PRACTICE CARDS; If you already have or buy a practice card (only periodic cards) that runs over the Christmas/New Year’ break, we’ll automatically extend the card by 2 weeks.

MOON-DAYS; please remember that we don’t teach at full/new moon. In November, all “moon-days” fall on Saturdays and do not affect the teaching, but please keep up to date by noting upcoming dates in your calendar. Future dates are available here

GUIDED CLASS of HALF primary series (until Navasana) is taught on Thursday, 16/11 at 17:00 in Malmö. The Mysore class is cancelled then. Participants of the current beginner’s courses who would like to practice that day may do so at 16.15-17.00.

GUIDED CLASS FULL primary and POT LUCK/PARTY takes place on Sunday, 26/11 in Malmö! Isabella teaches the last guided class of the year which starts at 09.30am (no Mysore class that day). The class is suitable to all levels (except beginners), regardless of whether you’ve completed the series or not. Please be on time though – no entry once the class has started! After class, everyone is invited to our annual vegan pot luck brunch. You may attend only the brunch should you not make it to class. Please bring a vegan contribution to the buffet (we follow the yogic principle ahimsa/non-violence). Family/friends are also very welcome but everyone is asked to sign up in advance. Let us know whether you’ll attend the guided class and/or brunch. More info about the event can be found here

WORKSHOPS; this year’s last “Friday fun” will be held in Malmö on 17/11 at 17-19 with theme back bending. We’ll explore different techniques on how to approach everything from basic to more advanced back bends. The workshop is open to all but requires some previous yoga experience. More info and how to sign up is to be found here.

RELOCATION/CHANGE of VENUE; at the end of the year and during the month of January we are relocating studios in both Malmö and Lund. In Lund, we move to Fabriksgatan just behind the Central Station. In Malmö we move to Medborgarskolan’s studio at Värnhemstorget. Both venues have better shower and changing facilities than we have today and allow for easier transfer for those who commute. We’re hoping for a smooth relocation process that won’t affect our schedule too much. The new addresses, maps, etc. will be posted on the website in good time before the move and you’ll receive further information including the January schedule in the next newsletter which will be sent to you before the Christmas break. Please also visit our news page and check the schedule page which are updated regularly.

That’s all for now. Remember to follow us on social media such as Facebook and Instagram for the latest news and other interesting stuff.

See you on the yoga mat


The autumn schedule continues as planned until 22 December. From 23 December until 7 January we pause for Christmas and New Year. Classes resume on Monday 8 January 2018 with a special winter schedule (more information later).


On 28 November  Isabella travels to Mysore, India to study at the KPJAYI under R. Sharath Jois. In Isabella’s absence Miho, Anna, Sara and Sofia cover classes. Unless otherwise announced they teach the following in December:

Miho – all morning classes including Sundays

Sara – Tuesday evenings in Malmö

Sofia – Wednesday evenings in i Lund

Anna – Thursday evenings in i Malmö


NB! While Isabella is in Mysore there’s no chanting on Sundays. Mysore class will start earlier at 9.00 am until 11.15 am.


In November the full/new moons fall on Saturdays and don’t affect the teaching.  In December moon-days fall on Sunday 3/12 and Monday 18/12. Mysore classes are cancelled on those days.


A guided HALF primary (until Navasana) is taught on Thursday 16/11 at 17.00 in Malmö. No Mysore class then, please be on time.

A guided FULL primary is taught on Sunday 26/11 at 9.30 am in Malmö. No Mysore class then, please be on time.


We hope you all had a great summer with time for both recreation and recovery. During the summer break, Ashtanga Yoga Malmö/Lund hosted a most enjoyable yoga retreat in Uddebo (photos from the week are available our Facebook page) and in August, several of us from the shala participated at R. Sharath Jois’ workshops in Copenhagen and Stockholm where we experienced a little Mysore-feeling on home ground. Isabella also took a trip to Berlin to refresh some of her anatomy knowledge at a workshop with Stu Girling. She also got some fresh teaching inspiration when meeting colleagues at a few yoga schools there. We are thus ready to start the autumn with a lot of fresh enthusiasm. Below you find all the necessary information about the autumn schedule and other upcoming events.

THE AUTUMN SCHEDULE starts on Monday 14 August – you can download a copy and see an overview on the schedule page. Please note that the evening class timings are slightly changed compared to last spring. Remember that we don’t teach at full/new moon (only beginners courses run as usual); please check the dates and read why here

GUIDED CLASS will take place twice a month this autumn. On the last Sunday of each month we teach full primary series and every fourth Thursday night half primary (up to Navasana) instead of Mysore class (all dates are marked on the overview schedule). The first guided class of the FULL primary series is held on Sunday 27 August (no Mysore class that day). Class starts at 9.30am and is counted in traditional Sanskrit. All (except complete beginners) are welcome regardless of whether you’ve completed the series or not. BUT, please arrive on time! After class, you are invited to a cup of tea and Isabella (plus the students who participated) will talk about the weeks with Sharath in Copenhagen/Stockholm.

NEW BEGINNERS COURSES in Ashtanga Yoga start in August (14/8) in Lund and September (3/9) in Malmö. All info about the course is available here. The courses are open to everyone from beginners to those who would like to refresh their Ashtanga basics. Feel free to recommend the course to people you know! There are still a few spaces left!

WORKSHOPS such as The ”Friday-fun” continue this fall and so do the Yoga talks after the monthly guided class on Sundays. In addition, Isabella will also teach a few workshops and Mysore classes (October) in Copenhagen. All autumn events are published on the events page for you to read about. The workshops usually fill up quickly so please sign up early to secure your spot!

YOUR OPINION is important to us and we appreciate all feedback we get – both good and less good. Telling us what you think helps us to improve in order to better meet your needs. On our Facebook page you may review us and share your comments about the shala and the teaching. If you have a moment please visit the page (follow the link above)to rate us.

All of us at Ashtanga Yoga Malmö/Lund (Isabella and crew) look forward to seeing you on the yoga mat this autumn.

Om shanti!

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