Isabella first met yoga in 2004 when she sought help for an injury from running. When she discovered the many positive benefits of yoga practice she began exploring different yoga styles and eventually found Ashtanga yoga which she has been practising since. She has been teaching full time since 2009 and in 2014 she received Sharath Jois’ blessing to teach the primary and intermediate series in Ashtanga Yoga. In the summer of 2016 Isabella participated in a 2 month special course for teachers with Sharath Jois. Since then she has also twice (January 2018 and 2019) had the privilege to assist him in class for a full month at the main shala in Mysore.

Since she started practicing yoga she has been fortunate to practice and study with several senior Ashtanga Yoga teachers such as Rolf and Marci Naujokat, Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor, Eddie Stern, David Swenson, Maty Ezraty , Susanna Finocchi and Eileen Gauthier. Prior to Ashtanga yoga she also studied the Dynamic Yoga Teaching Method with Godfrey Devereux. She returns to India regularly to practice, study and to further develop her chanting skills and studies of yoga philosophy and Sanskrit.

In addition, Isabella is a certified yoga therapist for mental health (depression, anxiety, trauma), a qualified lifestyle coach and relaxation therapist. She has devoted much of the past eight years of her yoga practice and teaching to study end explore how yoga affects our nervous system , our mental health and in particular how the practice can help increase our resistance resilience and ability to self-regulate.

Isabella has over 18 years of experience from working in health and fitness worldwide and has studied both anatomy and movement mechanics extensively. Her teaching style is inclusive and aims to create a safe space for all students. She follows a gentle approach with particular focus on breath to cultivate sensitivity and awareness of the body and mind. Her teaching method allows students to practice yoga safely through a step by step approach.

Isabella is very grateful to all the teachers and students she’s met on her yoga journey: “They have taught me to become more patient and humble towards myself and others. They’ve helped me realise that anything is possible and that every individual has an enormous inner potential that is waiting to be discovered.”

For more information about Isabella you may download her CV/list of QUALIFICATIONS.



Sara is a professional physiotherapist based in Malmö. She is also a dedicated Ashtanga yoga practitioner since 2010 and was in 2019 authorized (level 1) by Sharath Jois to teach the primary series of Ashtanga yoga. Sara lived in Mysore, India, 2011-2012 where she studied at the KPJAYI with Sharath Jois. She also owned and managed the popular yogi meeting point Santosha Café . In July 2018, Sara had the privilege of attending Richard Freeman’s one-month long intensive course in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Sara has been Isabella’s apprentice since 2015 and regularly assists her in Mysore class.  Sara teaches the Thursday evening Mysore class .

“I’m continuously fascinated by how yoga much yoga contributes to each aspect in life”, says Sara.


Miho started practising yoga in 2004, with the aim to improve her concentration and find a good physical complement to the sedentary work as a translator. After trying different types of yoga, she found Ashtanga yoga in 2007. She has since studied with several senior teachers such as Chuck Miller, John Scott, Tarik Thami ad Michael Stone. Miho became Isabella’s apprentice in 2012 continues to deepen her knowledge of yoga with Isabella’s guidance. She assists/covers classes regularly and teaches the Tuesday evening Mysore class. Miho is also a qualified Yin yoga teacher. In the summer of 2019 Miho will attend Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor’s  monthlong intensive course in Boulder, USA.

“Ashtanga yoga has not only fulfilled my initial expectations, but also given me many precious tools to deal with life and to know myself at a deeper level”, says Miho.


Caroline started practicing Ashtanga yoga in 2012. She considers yoga an invaluable tool to live a more balanced and peaceful life. Her daily asana practice is a very real and tactile way to meditate and find focus. In 2015 Caroline started an apprenticeship under the guidance of Isabella. Later, in 2016 she spent six months working at the Purple Valley retreat centre in Goa where she had the opportunity to practice with teachers such as John Scott, Laruga Glaser, David Keil, Mark Robberds and Joey Miles. Aside from assisting at Ashtanga Yoga Mamö, Caroline has taught beginners courses at Mpiyo studio in Helsingborg with the hope to inspire others to start their yoga journey.

“Yoga has taught me not to take myself too seriously. When it comes to asana practice I’ve realised that a little every day is better than nothing at all. Less is more.”


Sofia is a Physician specialized in cancer diagnosis and pathology at Lund University. She specifically conducts research on ovarian cancer. In search for a stress reducing physical activity, Sofia had a discovered Ashtanga yoga in 2007. However, it wasn’t until 2013, under Isabella’s guidance, that she began to practice regularly. In the summer of 2019 Sofia will attend Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor’s monthlong intensive course in Boulder, USA.

“Over the years, Yoga has become a faithful companion that o helps me cope with ups and downs in life. I never cease to be surprised at the insights that yoga gives me – both on and off the mat. “, says Sofia.


Ebba got into yoga during her first journey to India in 2005, since then yoga and meditation have been a central part of her life. In 2011 Ebba met and fell in love with Ashtanga yoga and shortly after, in 2012, she became Isabella’s student and apprentice. In addition to her Ashtanga yoga practice and studies Ebba has also done a month intensive teacher’s course (200h) at the Yoga Garden in San Francisco.

“To practice yoga makes me full of joy and vitality; I think and hope it will remain a lifelong healthy habit of mine”, says Ebba